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Founded in 2018, the ICL agency helps tech companies to develop and execute communications and community growth strategies. Our services can be integrated at any stage of the business, whenever you seek to promote a new narrow-focused project or bring an established company to a mass audience.

With 10+ experience working in the intersection of advanced technology and media, we're constantly looking for a dare to put our creativity to the test and overachieve challenging objectives.

Our clients have been featured in high-profile outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and more. At ICL, we don't just talk about excellence - we deliver it.





Crypto Marketing Services

Top industry marketers will create an outstanding strategy for market penetration, share valuable tools, experience and network for a successful launch and growth

  • SETTING UP THE ANALYTICS, MONITORing results and making necessary adjustments
  • Marketing
    & PR Strategy
    Social media strategy and community Growth, focused on maintaining a high engagement within key channels, to drive the product development and business growth

    • Creation & execution of the SMM strategy
    • Content production for public channels: blog posts and sticker packs
    • Guerilla marketing & accounts' promotion
    • Monitoring & boosting the channels' activity
      SMM & Community
      one of the most efficient instruments to attract new users, retail investors and build community. we will suggest the most relevant kols and arrange promotion ensuring the best value and a smooth execution

      • access to the network of verified bloggers
      • custom campaigns with selected channels
      • performance tracking & reporting
      • celebrities marketing
      • exclusive long-term deals with rising exclusive long-term deals with rising influencers on youtube/twitter/tiktok
      native brand integration amongst trending news in reputable media outlets, to generate leads and drive them down the marketing tunnel via a series of high quality articles

      • distribution of company's news to media
      • situational pr - brand incorporation into the ongoing agenda
      • personal branding: expert columns, interviews, speaking on events and podcasts
      • brand reputation: preventing and working off the negative
      • content strategy creation, copywriting and ghost writing
      • educational content and use cases
          PR & CONTENT
          highlight your brand and the product advantages in promotional posts, target key messages & geographies and track performance of your campaigns, by using a vetted selection of media partners from our network

          • creation of the advertising strategy
          • content production (inc. video and display)
          • native ad placement: press release, product review, interview, feature article, research, contextual targeting, email marketing, webinars & ama sessions, event sponsorships
          • display ad campaigns on cpm, ppc & pp
            MEDIA BUY
            & SPONSORSHIPS
            ad placements during sports events or endorsements from a a-list celebrities will bring your business to a massive audience of fans and spectators, raising interest and building a strong brand recognition, as well as trust amongst a vast non crypto audience

            • identifying the most suitable sport category / celebrity, events, type of sponsorship and compliance
            • presenting available opportunities based on established above
            • negotiations on behalf of the client for the best value, locking and extending the dea
                  & SPORTS MARKETING


                  OUR TEAM

                  Derrick Yen
                  Alice Stork
                  Gained over 6 years of experience arranging the advertising campaigns for the leading companies on the market such as IBM, Coinbase, Binance, Paxos, as a business development lead of Cointelegraph and DeFi companies.

                  Helped several recognized companies with the PR and marketing efforts from their early stages as an adviser till launching InCryptoland agency.
                  Founding partner
                  Founding partner
                  Gathered over 8 years of experience in the crypto space, primary serving as CEO of Cointelegraph till 2019 and bringing the company to the top positions on the market.

                  Co-founded CardWallet and worked with many well-known brands in the industry, has extensive expertise in growth-hacking, marketing, business development.
                  Victoria Vaughan
                  Alice Stork
                  Customer Success
                  Alisa Mayers
                  Has over 8 years of experience in marketing, brand management, and communications.

                  Worked with such global automobile brands as SKODA, Peugeot, Citroen.

                  Graduated from offline crypto camp Botanica.

                  Has expertise in team management, project management, developing and implementing successful marketing strategies.
                  Alisa Mayers
                  Content Lead
                  PR Executive
                  Sales Lead
                  Mohammad Musharraf
                  Karolina Komarnicka
                  Ksenia Drobyshevskaya
                  4 years of experience working on web3 content and SEO strategy for companies like Cointelegraph, Ledger, Moonpay, and thirdweb.

                  Has experience working on a range of content types, from news articles and op-eds to long-form technical blogs and white papers.
                  Over 10 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies on scaling industry's first solutions such as VR training and promoting them at global events and across Tier 1 media such as Financial Times and Forbes.

                  She has been a keynote speaker at a variety of tech events and co-hosted the world's first VR podcast, working with executives across BBC, Disney, The Times and others.
                  Gained over 5 years of experience in the field of marketing and business development. Ksenia worked previously in the art market industry at Christie's doing marketing and press, as well as art galleries and media.

                  In the web3 industry Ksenia worked with several VCs and startups providing BizDev, marketing and investor relations services.
                  Mohammad Musharraf
                  Derrick Yen
                  Founded in 2018, the ICL agency helps tech companies to develop and execute communications and community growth strategies. Our services can be integrated at any stage of the business, whenever you seek to promote a new narrow-focused project or bring an established company to a mass audience.

                  With 10+ experience working in the intersection of advanced technology and media, we're constantly looking for a dare to put our creativity to the test and overachieve challenging objectives.
                  Victoria Vaughan

                  AD NETWORK


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                  Andrey Doronichev

                  ICL took over the public communications of Optic from ground zero and they did an awesome job! Since the first months of the campaign, we've been getting press coverage by big general outlets like NYT, AP, and WSJ, and by very niche media like web3 outlets at the same time.

                  Even with my experience in public speaking, the media training that ICL provided prior to interviews, was super useful and helped us to spread Optic's message at a full scale. Moreover, the team is fast, helpful, and agile, which is perfect for a startup like us.

                  Collaborating with ICL on both our global and regional PR campaigns has been a seamless experience. Right from the outset, their result-driven approach had us securing media coverage in MENA and US within the initial month. What stands out is their prompt and professional communication. Even when we needed to pivot our strategy, ICL demonstrated remarkable adaptability. Their blend of proficiency and flexibility makes them a top recommendation from our end.

                  Bluewillow AI
                  Hector Ferran
                  I am a serial entrepreneur and have been working with ICL in the past few years for different brands I am building across the Web3 and AI space. Their team always comes up with custom offers designed specifically for the goals we set for each campaign. ICL has managed both PR and Media Buy activities for my brands, with the highest level of professionalism in execution. Projects got significant exposure in the targeted platforms Inc. Coindesk, Hackernoon, Bitcoin, which increased our brand trust and user base or helped to close fundraising and major partnership deals. On top of that, Alice and Victoria are getting media coverage for my personal brand and always provide useful tips.
         / AI Tool tracker /
                  Jan Strandberg

                  Our Work

                  Another Side of the A.I. Boom: Detecting What A.I. Makes
                  AI has a role to play in detecting fake NFTs
                  AI-Created Images Are So Good Even AI Has Trouble Spotting Some
                  Augmented reality helps brands tell their story: MVFW 2023
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                  Crypto Marketing Faq

                  What is a Crypto Marketing Agency

                  As we know, the crypto industry is a special animal. Sometimes great projects struggle to achieve their goals, when some meme coins or anonymous NFT collections go viral and break sales records. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you market your product.

                  A marketing firm that focuses on working with crypto and web3 project and possesses extensive know-how expertise on how to successfully launch and promote web3 products is called a crypto marketing agency.

                  Such an agency has a deep understanding of the specifics of running campaigns in the cryptocurrency industry, the importance of timing, and using of certain marketing tactics different from web2 marketing, where the focus is shifting from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising to community building.

                  Incryptoland agency gathers crypto marketers with a successful track record of launching and scaling companies from early-stage to top positions in the industry, maintaining user acquisition through bear markets, and expanding partnership network. The unique expertise is available for startups and growing businesses under different services provided by ICL crypto marketing agency.

                  What services do Crypto Marketing Agencies offer

                  A full-stack agency will start by conducting in-depth market research to build a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan for each product with a different budgeting scenario.

                  The following services include mostly digital marketing solutions, such: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Lead Generation, and Customer Acquisition Campaigns, but some agencies also propose Public Relations, Partnership development, Celebrity, and Sports Marketing Services.

                  Each service belongs to a different domain of marketing, so it's important to make sure the agency you're working with has the corresponding specialist for each digital marketing tool.

                  360 crypto marketing agencies such as Incryptoland can execute campaigns on various channels accordingly, so they all work to maximize the effects from one to another. If you use more than one agency, it is crucial to have an internal person who will be coordinating their work.

                  Why you need to market your business

                  The definition of Marketing starts with Market Research to define the demand and competition for your idea, to Brand Awareness, Inbound Sales, Customer Acquisition, and Retention.

                  Having developed a great product that meets the needs of the market is not enough in today's entrepreneurial boom and in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market. For some projects, building product knowledge can be challenging since Blockchain technology is new to many people.

                  To reach your potential customers, you need to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign that will be focusing on building brand trust and community building.

                  Defining your target audience, its interests, and behavior to address the right messaging via the key channels will make marketing activities more effective and ROI optimized.

                  Informing and building product knowledge among your target audience, increasing brand awareness and brand trust, will drive conversion optimization and maintain the customer acquisition process.

                  How can a Crypto Marketing Agency help you

                  A solid marketing strategy, developed by a crypto marketing agency can bring you powerful partners, investors and clients. PR agency can secure decent media coverage that will facilitate the process of closing deals and attracting clients. If chosen wisely, a good agency will help you to avoid unnecessary experiments and to invest your resources instead in the most effective channels, which considering the very high prices for advertising in the blockchain technology industry, will eventually save a big part of the marketing budget.

                  Moreover, growth hacking techniques can bring you a significant number of users with a minimum spend. In web3, such strategies include cross-marketing promotions, Twitter spaces, Discord AMAs, smart shilling in Twitter, and relevant Telegram groups. A proper content marketing campaign will not only boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website but can educate the audience about your product which will drive conversion optimization for your business development efforts.

                  With years of experience on the market, Incryptoland has a vast network of partners, verified marketing channels, and vendors to support rapid growth or advise on the redistribution of marketing resources at times of crisis.

                  What to look for in a Crypto Marketing Agency

                  When choosing a Crypto Marketing Agency, it's essential to look for experience in the web3 market and what kind of companies they have worked with. Look for a team that has a deep understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and decentralized applications. Check the website, social media profiles, and online reviews, and ask around for feedback from the customers. Some use cases include reputable brands, you may ask what exact services the agency provided to those and how precisely they contributed to another's success.

                  Look for evidence of the agency's ability to deliver results, such as increased website traffic, community, engagement, mentions by the media, improved conversion rates, and higher ROI. The portfolio should also give you an idea of the agency's capabilities and expertise, such as its ability to execute social media marketing campaigns, create compelling content, and leverage influencer marketing. By choosing a Crypto Marketing Agency with a proven track record of delivering results, you can increase the likelihood of achieving your marketing and business growth goals.

                  How to choose the right Crypto Marketing Agency

                  Once you have checked the portfolio for successful use cases and client testimonials of a marketing agency, there are additional factors to consider when choosing the right for you crypto marketing agency.

                  Make sure the agency is transparent about the budget plan and can clearly explain how much will be spent for each position.

                  If the agency offers sponsored options like media articles, Telegram AMAs, or influencer campaigns, it's worth checking the direct prices to ensure there's no big markup added. Additionally, a reliable trusted agency should be willing to start slow and not push for big budgets right away to make clients feel confident about consistency in delivery. Finally, make sure the managers are responsive in action when needed urgent support and able to answer detailed questions about CTRs, formats, and other technical aspects of digital marketing.

                  Overall, choosing the right crypto marketing agency team can make a huge difference in the success of your web3 project. By taking the time to consider these factors and asking the right questions, you can find an agency that will be right for you. Here at ICL we're working on modular packaging and always transparent about the budgets and expected results.

                  The benefits of working with a Crypto Marketing Agency

                  Working with a crypto marketing agency can offer several benefits for your web3 project. Firstly, our marketing team has vast experience of working with different projects, and we have a wealth of knowledge on what works and what doesn't for various types of projects. This can help ensure that your marketing efforts are effective and efficient, saving you time and resources in the long run.

                  Secondly, crypto marketing agencies often have a trusted base of influencers and partners who can help promote your project. Working with influencers directly can be tricky, as it's difficult to understand if their audience is real or fake or if engagement is high, even if they have a big following. By working with ICL, you can be confident that the influencers or marketing channels we recommend are trustworthy and deliver anticipated results.

                  ICL has access to a network of influencers, media outlets, and industry experts that can partnerships, investors, and clients that might not have been possible to reach out to directly. Additionally, a marketing agency can provide valuable insights and feedback on your project's branding and messaging, helping to refine and improve your overall marketing approach.

                  The Cost of Working with a Crypto Marketing Agency

                  When working with a crypto marketing agency, the cost will depend on the services you choose and the scope of your project. At ICL, we offer a range of web3 marketing services, each with its own pricing structure. However, we understand that every client has unique needs and budgets, which is why we always offer custom packages based on your resources and goals.

                  We believe in transparency and clear communication, and we'll always be upfront about our pricing and what you can expect from our services. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, we're committed to delivering high-quality, results-driven marketing strategies that help you succeed in the competitive world of web3 marketing.




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